Thursday, 21 May 2020

I spent the afternoon yesterday with Jan to help him sort out his vast body of work - the lad felt at loss regarding his work, his life, and I thought that going through what he has done and created in the past decade or more would help him gain some perspective, and hopefully, some confidence. The idea was to structure a website for him at the same time. And indeed, Jan seemed to feel refreshed about his own work. "And what you're telling me now only confirms how I was feeling deep inside, but never dared to trust", he said at one point.
Towards the end of the day, I spotted one track that we still hadn't listened to. "Oh that's nothing... nothing much." he said. I insisted that he played it and discovered a beautiful song. Jan was surprised I would pay so much attention to it. And even more surprised, but delighted to give it to me for my new album project Personal Fictions.

Soon, soon, I will begin to give it shape and colours. 

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