Thursday 9 April 2020

Dream of a dog

I had this short dream last night - during the couple of hours when I managed to find some sleep, where a fluffly dog that had deliberately been left outside by its owner for days, was eventually allowed inside our home. The poor thing was weakly crying of starvation and came to my arms. It felt so great to embrace the dog. I felt the same love for it as I do for Eastwood, my brother's canine companion.

A nice change from the usual recent dreams, or shall I call them nightmares, where I live in a city under siege during WWII, hide from a serial killer, dreams where I am about to be executed or flee from a concentration camp...

Woofie warmth.

China signals the end of dogmeat consumption. Very good.
This photo was taken in Paris, circa early 20th century.... The banner reads: "Grand opening of the first dog butcher in Paris".
Food for thought. 

Well... fruits for thought.

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