Wednesday, 28 March 2018

There is this often used phrase about 'history repeating'. There is also the fact that people forget very, very quickly. And with smartphones and internet, we are very well trained to shrink our ability to remember and memorise. Because our dependence on them feeds the market. The more dependent people are, the more they sell. A similar pattern applies for any other addiction (cigarettes, alcohol, fashion, just anything actually...). I see all those people acting surprised and indignant after the recent Facebook scandal.  But ... do they remember a certain Edward Snowden? I agree it is a huge scandal, but I'm not at all surprised. 

Some people chose to leave. Fine. Will they start writing letters again, send telegrams, and throw bottles in the sea? Wherever they go, whatever app they may use, it is the same. If we really want this to change, we have to change the way we live, think, act and consume. That takes time. And a tremendously big dose of will. Do smartphones train us to achieve that? ... Not necessary for the occasional cream puff idealists.

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