Tuesday 6 February 2018


Lunar New Year is in ten days. I have come back from Paris for nearly a month. I froze in time. I barely go out, except for getting food. In the past two weeks, I started to cook for myself again. Since my return, my body developped a weird reaction to what I eat here in Taipei. Perhaps the oil, perhaps all the chemicals they keep adding to make the dishes look more appetizing... My fingers were slightly numb, as if poisoned, the skin on their outer side beginning to dry up. I had already noticed that physical reaction each time I would go or come back from Paris. It slowly disappeared after three weeks, as I drank more fluids, particularly this wonderful artichoke tea from Vietnam. Perfect to cleanse one's liver and kidney.
I fell sick at some point. Fever. It struck me within minutes. I could feel it invade my body, ineluctably. An hour later, I was pinned to my bed.
Sleep was the only answer. I had experienced insomnia mixed with jetlag, and my sleeping pattern had been chaotic. Now all is fine again. I prefer to stay in the small guest room. I feel safer there. My nights had been noticeable better than those spent in the main bedroom, where I have the weird feeling that something, someone? was calling me back to the small guest room, as if the spirit there was annoyed that I would sleep elsewhere.
When the mind is weak, everything becomes real.

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