Thursday 14 September 2017

The joy and elation I felt when I was in Saigon have alas quickly waned. 

Although I am glad to be back in my flat, the down mood have seized me again. Slowly but surely. No motivation to do anything. Solitary seclusion. The only 'positive' thing I did was to revisit my work of the past 18 years or so and organise my new Bancamp page. Organising, renaming, filing things has always had a therapeutic and soothing effect on me ever since I was a young boy. 

I don't know whether this down mood is connected to Taipei, whether it is my chronic depression - according to Jason K., or whether it is just because I have barely eaten for the past week or so - not out of whim or fancy, simply because I am still waiting for some big payment to reach my bank account, but the money seems to be lost somewhere in limbo between the two banks, so for now it's plain rice, air and water... 

Maybe... I should eat some of the Marou chocolate bars I brought back from Saigon that I have been saving for a potential tea time with friends. I like to save those delicacies for my time with them. But friends are busy being busy. But don't they say chocolate is a good antidepressant?

Let noone tell me to 'cheer up'!!!

Anyway, my Bandcamp is more or less ready. I have been spending days collecting songs that I have written and recorded since... 1998! Between all the demos, the first, second, third or -nth version of each of the songs, revised, alternative versions, newly mixed versions... I'm quite organised a person, but mayhem it still was.

Listening to those songs (some I had not heard for more than a decade!) was like fling back and forth in time, looking at old pictures in the attic - well, that's a received idea of how one looks back, as we never had any attic in the house. 

So far my three albums, Circlesong, Hyperbody and We were (t)Here are ready for my Bandcamp page. Add to that all the music I have written for the stage, mostly for Jo Kanamori (NINA - materialize sacrifice, PLAY 2 PLAY, Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Dream of the Swan) and Huang Yi, as well as some other short pieces done for various projects. If one blames me for something, it won't be of idleness!

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