Saturday, 9 September 2017

L'appel du vide

I'm very impatient to release this second music video I have done this year! I had not shown it to anyone except a few friends on my birthday, because Norm Yip asked to feature it on the website of his new mag, Moxie to go along an interview we did together. But the project kept dragging on...

L'appel du vide was originally intended to be done in black & white, however I had been convinced by Aurélien Jégou to keep it in colour after he saw the chiarascura tones of the footage, and said that it really deserved to be seen in colour. L'appel du vide became an experimental music video after I went through what I had shot last year as part of my Memory of dance (in the city) project. About absence, solitude and inner/outer movements... I shot additional scenes with Trevor and filmed myself with Aurélien's camera.
Now I am very glad I followed Aurélien's advice!

The song was an isolated one-shot thing I wrote last year on lyrics by Bibbe. Creature of the night...

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