Monday 13 January 2014

Miracle | Mirage

The miracle ended in a mirage. Alvin was waiting for my answer regarding the plan ticket. There wasn't any direct flight anymore. People decided to travel more to Japan since the yen is currently very low. I was on the waiting list, so what was left for me was a longer flight with a stop-over in Hong-Kong. Seven hours instead of two hours and a half. The departure was an early one: 6:05 am!!!
However all this will not happen. My bank account stated that I had nothing left. Not a single cent. That didn't surprise me. My intuition had sent me flashes of grey and blurry images of Tokyo. I wanted to believe I would go, the the bank stated otherwise. Rent and bills to pay, and I have to admit, I spent more than I should have in Tokyo: books, books and even more books. And the thief who stole my phone on the train also did some spending from it. How? I had subscribed to an internet service through a Japanese phone company, Softbank, which would provide me daily WI-FI access. The contract would last for 24 hours, and could be renewed the following day if necessary.
That service also allowed access to other online services. I didn't pay much attention to them, but obviously the thief did. 

Moody Tuesday. But oddly, I feel relieved.

Rain is falling outside. Temperatures have dropped. It feels more like winter - for Taiwanese standards.

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