Tuesday 6 August 2013

Night time

Our two bodies lying side by side, at night. Both in half sleep, at time waking up to feel the presence of the other body, one hand running through his chest before falling back into slumber. That's how I used to feel as a trainee in love on my first dates and nights spent at lovers' house, and that's how I was feeling now, more than twenty years later, to my greatest surprise. An epic night time adventure, with each minute bringing a sense of wonder, when our mind is put to sleep and boundaries between the actual and the possible are blurred. Never to get jaded!
Two weeks have gone by after this hot night at the bath house before I could meet Terry / Xiao Sue again. William is still haunting me, but I full-heartedly welcomed this one night with someone else - I realise that I seldom spend the night with anyone now. And it was pleasant to feel like a novice in love again. William recently wrote to me that it was precisely what he would enjoy whenever we would meet. To be reconnected to the feeling again.   

Being a hardworking maths teacher, Xiao Sue only could reach Taipei at around midnight! Late but not too late since we had time the next morning. 
Waiting at midnight at any train station can be a depressing experience. Hardly any one in sight. The few people left run to catch their last train. Tramps sleep on the bench outside. Elderly ladies push a cart containing the loot of the day: paper, cardboard and anything made of plastic to be sold to recycling companies. Arduous and thankless work. I can't help admiring them. 
Xiao Sue appeared at last with a puzzled look on his face. Communication is limited between us. His English isn't that advanced.

Nightmarket. It was past midnight. Most of the food stalls were closing. We got a bowl of rice soup, pieces of dried fish on the plate, leftovers of an omelet. The food was terrible. The owner was certainly not so convinced that the food he was selling us was the best in town, but we were hungry and ate with appetite. We then stopped at the 7eleven to get some drinks - tea and energy drinks... we needed that! Back at my place. Ryan and Wassir were already sleeping (early nights are a rare thing with them). It had been a hot week. I told Xiao Sue to take a shower first. I couldn't resist joining him. He startled when I opened the door. An intruder in my own house! As tacky as it may seem, taking a shower with someone is certainly one of the most erotic thing. There's that sense of extreme vulnerability and abandon - trust.

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