Thursday 27 September 2012

Et voilà!

It's always the same scenario. In the beginning the performance dates seem too distant to bear any reality. In this case, we had half a year. As I learned that I had to perform my own music on stage, I soothed the slight panic that seized me just thinking that I had many, many months... Fortunately, in the meantime, I accepted to play the piano for Xiao-Xiong's piece, Winterreise, and that was a perfect way to get myself back on the saddle and reacquaint myself with playing the instrument more intensively. 
When summer came, I still thought we had lots of time. I was juggling with a few other projects and having music sessions with Huang Yi whenever his tight schedule would allow it. My major concern however was that I still had no clear idea what I would be playing. 
And now... We'll be onstage in a few minutes. I feel calm, but I know this is barely hiding a storm that will unyield itself on stage! Reading Jeffrey Eugenides' last novel is a good way to tame anxiety... 

Now everything is ready. We are happy and nervous to be soon on stage. A run through with a dozen people at most never really compare to a real performance with an audience. And Huang Yi told me that the first performance was sold out...

Just before jumping on stage

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