Saturday 8 September 2012

An / An

I'm going to see my old childhood friend An (we share the same first name, although I would always refer to him as 'Ki') in a few days. He's now settled in Singapore with his family. Our last encounter dates from the time of my first trip to Tokyo. Nearly nine years ago... And before that, we had lost sight of each other for a decade or so after he and I left the university. He was the eldest son of this beloved aunt who died of cancer... 
When I saw him in Tokyo, he was married and had a young son. His work compelled him to change location regularly. From Hong Kong to Tokyo, then to Singapore. But when I stepped into his house, I was shocked. his wife was the spitting image of his late mother! 

He's now in Taipei for his work and contacted me yesterday for a possible dinner next week.
Then I had this dream....
The action took place within another dream I vaguely remember. But I recall thinking that it was such a weird dream that I had to still remember it once I would wake up.
I was waiting for him in an abandonned classroom in Paris. There was a circus nearby. It was still day time even though we were supposed to have dinner. But the person who showed up wasn't An. Strange how in dreams everything is possible. There's no logic. This person was in his early thirties at most, was slim and athletic and... sported curly brown hair and I couldn't help be struck by his piercing blue eyes. That was not An!!!
Yet in the dream, my reaction was weird. Instead of denouncing him as an impostor, I tested him.
"If he really is An, then he should be able to recall some childhood memory" I thought to myself.
It took me some time to react and confront him. He was like a moving target. His constant motion distracted me and it required all my strength and focus to ask him the question. He was an impostor, and I knew he was dangerous (why dangerous?). But I felt powerless. Because even if I managed to unveil his real identity, I would be the only one to know. And the fake An knew that.
And that's where the dream ended.

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