Tuesday 14 February 2012

Strawberry Boy

I'm like the grumpy smurf. I don't celebrate holidays. Don't care much for Christmas, New Year, Halloween, birthdays, much less Valentine's Day. Deceptive holidays, I would say about them. 
Then little cupid's messenger knocked on my door this morning. I was chatting online with my Strawberry boy Ryan when he told me to go open the door. I had an inkling what was to happen next, but still, the sight of this paper bag deposited right behind the door moved me and filled with me with tenderness and, yes, joy.
Ryan had been preparing all the cards and photos on the final night before he flew to Uh-merika and gave everything to a secret friend and winged ally.
The paper bag contained a dark brown square box, a heart-shaped collage with a picture of the two of us in the middle, as well as a little present for Chubby! The square box was in fact a chocolate music box.
"I was hesitating between three tunes, and I chose this one..." Ryan told me.

My heart will go on, from the Titanic soundtrack...

I may not be sinking with the Titanic, but I hope I'm not embarking on the same boat as Gustav von Aschenbach...

"Céline Dion has managed to infiltrate your house!!!!" Jay laughed when I told him later.

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