Saturday 18 September 2010


One day passes then another. My daily routine at the gym is the only thing that keeps awake, with of course the bi-weekly rehearsals for Symphony Project. The rest of the time just disappears as soon as it has come and I don’t recall anything.
No flat yet. Jason kindly told me that I would have to find something quick, because I could not stay in his flat forever. I agree.
I float in time. I’m not even depressed or sad. I just feel empty and devoid of any impulse to do anything. But I feel I have to give more focus to what I wish for myself. I have let myself drift too long. There’s nothing wrong with it, I know, there’s no emergency. Now it’s time to start building. Time to summon my strength and focus.

A typhoon named Fanopi was right on Taipei the past two days. Heavy rain and strong wind first. Then wind only. I ventured out to go to the gym and see my friend Izac. The gym, as many other shops, was closed. The typhoon had torn many branches off their tree. It was still blowing very strongly as I was walking on the street to Izac’s flat. The streets were deserted

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