Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Road to Tokyo

I’m still in Niigata. It’s impossible to plan anything ahead so I go with the flow, wherever it takes me. Day by day, minute by minute. Jo and Sawako have dropped me at the theatre where I can leave my luggage until I know what I’ll do. I am to meet Mikiko to sign the last papers. Satoshi will come and pick me up and we’ll spend the next couple of days together. It seems that even the slightest wish or thought that passes my mind materializes in my life, so I have to be really careful – maybe just fill myself with more positive thoughts. We went to see Christopher Nolan’s Inception, last Monday and the subject dealt exactly with the same concept: that every single thought that you let grow in and accept in your mind becomes part of yourself and becomes a material part of your world precisely because you gave your attention to it. I had no real reason to go to Tokyo, except to see a couple of friends, Nolico, Tetsuya, Benjamin or Bong-san. Or possibly do some music shopping at RecoFan or HMV in Shibuya. I have a much better reason to stay in Niigata, seize and enjoy whatever time left I have here with Satoshi.
It’s been lovely. I haven’t felt that way in ages with someone. Happy and carefree. It is bound to end eventually because of the distance, but the few days I have had with him are priceless.  

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