Friday, 16 July 2010

40 ... and premiere

Premiere of Hoffmann today. 
My 40th birthday today. 
The combination of the two makes it a fantastic day. It couldn’t be more perfect. 
I received countless messages on Facebook and on my e-mail box. I’m glad to be spending this meaningful day here in Niigata. Noism has become like a second family through the years. The story will go on for many more years.
The sun has also decided to spread out its beams and warm up the city. Everyone is in a light-spirited and cheerful mood.
The show is in one hour and ten minutes. Even if I don’t have anything to do, I feel nervous and excited.  

Satoshi left a single rose and a card for me backstage. There was also a Hello Kitty toy from Nolico who was so sorry she couldn't make it to the premiere.
I felt a tinge of jealousy in Satoshi when he asked me where the Hello Kitty came from. When I explained who Nolico was, he immediately relaxed and smile. I found that so touching. I had wanted to catch him the whole day, but he was focusing and getting prepared. Everybody is so excited.

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