Thursday, 29 October 2009

White night, wild city

Ronny told me to meet him at DJ Station. He would be there with some friends. It seems people party all week long in Bangkok!
The place was packed. The cabaret show was hilarious more because the drag queens were so bad they were good - and loved, apparently, for all of them were very popular.
Ronny insisted that I stayed around when I told him that maybe it would be time for me to go home. Some guys have caught my eyes but it was just too hot for me to start the wooing game.

When the club was about to close, Ronny grab me by the arms and summoned me to follow him and his friends. The owner of one of the bars had plan. They all referred to him as the big mama. A tall, chubby, middle aged man who liked to keep his composure no matter the situation.
Ronny told me we would go to a hotel with all the boys, have drinks there and also some fun with two money boys who were hired for the occasion.
I hesitated for a second but thought that it was much too late to back up.
We jumped in a taxi which led us to a motel. It was all very quiet, almost like a monastery, compared to the noise and sweat of the club.
We made ourselves comfortable. There was a large double bed, some armchairs and a little sofa. The boys started drinking vodka, laughing and unable to sit still. I chose to stick to water. The money boys were not there and there was tension and anticipation in the air.
Someone played some music from the TV. Big Mama presided the whole thing in silence.
The first money boy finally arrived. When he saw the whole congregation, he shyed away. He didn't expect that, he said. He was ordered by Big Mama to undress and lie on the bed. He did as he was told and dropped all his clothes to reveal a finely buffed body. His face, however, was rough, even unattractive. I imagined him to be from the countryside and coming to the big city for a better life only to end up grabbing any available labour. 
The boys couldn't contain themselves and giggled like Japanese school girls but didn't seem to muster the courage to come near the money boy, preferring sitting around the bed, not daring to do anything.
That didn't help the poor money boy who didn't know what to do. Asked to display what was expected, he said that he didn't feel at ease.
"If that goes on like that, nothing will happen!" I thought.
I got on the bed and said: "Allow me to help."
What I did was only to lick his nipples and give him a slow and deep French kiss. That did the trick and soon he displayed a splendid specimen of manlihood in all its glory.
The other boys undressed me as I kept on playing with the money boy.
Suddenly the doorbell rang. The second money boy one had just arrived. But no one paid attention to him. He was not so well endowed and his face was too nondescript. He and was left by himself on the other side of the bed and laboriously attempted to get it up.
Now the money boy and I were the only ones naked on the bed. Ronny and the other boys were still half dressed, (still) giggling and touching our bodies.
"I feel like I'm actually the money boy".
The thought amused me.

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