Thursday 18 March 2004

Wiener Fluss

Wiener Fluss.

One month now that I’ve been in Vienna. A big bottleful of emptiness and lots of hope. It took me one month to start feeling that something was actually possible in this city, that I wasn’t building castles in the air.
I’m gathering musicians for a first concert in late September, possibly at the Museum Quartier.

The response to my music has been very positive. People see potentials and want to join in.
I can’t wait for the first notes to be played on real instruments, so used now am I to my old little keyboard!
I’m hoping to have a string quartet, a percussion player (oh bliss if he could play the tablas!!!!), a pianist and a harpist.
And of course, an electronic wizard.

The Wiener Fluss looks great today! Normally it’s no more than a little brook, so shallow that even a dwarf poodle could walk accross it without any risk. No one ever pays attention to it. I must be the only one to have grown some kind of fondness to it.
I was in the metro when I had a glance at it. It was glimmering happily, now as big as a river! Certainly due to the melting snow.
Once outside, I took some time to walk along it, and took pleasure and joy hearing it run its course freely and merrily, almost proud!

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