Friday 19 March 2004

Mord + Musik

First singing session today. Four voices. We had a try out on the song Un-me.
Then I played a movement of Gustav Holst’s The Planets, in a two-piano arrangement made by the composer. It was a great joy to play two-piano music with somebody. I haven’t done that since the day I left the music conservatorium!

I have been to a pocket-sized bookstore called Mord + Musik. I first misread the name as Word and Music until I realized that most of the books were crime novels. But I was deceived by the owner who displayed Big Fish and a couple of T.C. Boyle’s novels on the shelves. I discovered a nice selection of CDs by practically unknown artists beside  Sigur Ros and Ryoji Ikeda!
The guy seemed interested when I asked him whether he would listen to the music I’ve done for W.H.A. To top it all, he also he owns a small recording label. It could be funny to be one of those obscure artists whose records you only find in this one shop at the other end of the world!

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