Saturday, 27 July 2019

As I'm slowly slipping out of my comatose state, I wanted to share a few words about what is happening to The Third Wife in Vietnam. The film has been pulled from the theatres only 4 days after its release. There had been a nasty campaign against the film before it even reached the screens, and the target was the fact that the leading actress, Nguyễn Phương Trà My was underage and had to perform intimate scenes. If it could have been understandable were the concern for her truly genuine, it was evident that those supposed self-righteous defenders of morality were only aiming at destroying the film by harassing the young actress online, spreading their venom when they had actually not even seen the film, thus totalling missing the point the film is making. Those who have seen it know that everything was more suggested than shown during those 'hot' scenes. There was no gratuitous nudity, no child abuse, nothing explicit as people have claimed. Trà My was well surrounded, her wonderful mother was there to make sure that everything was done for the safety of her daughter, both physically and psychologically. I was there during the shooting, and I can testify to that. Beside, there's something called ACTING. People who have seen the film know what a tremendously talented actress Trà My is. And again, I would understand if people really worried about her. But by the way they have attacked Trà My, accused the director and the producer of promoting paedophilia or whatever else, it's obvious that there were other reasons to all this trolling and harassment. Jealousy? (most likely) Old grudge? Propaganda in disguise?
The film has so far garnered ten awards, went to more than 50 festivals around the world. It would, should have given Vietnam something to be proud of... Any other country would joyfully celebrate such an achievement.
It was an honour for me to be part of this film. I'm proud of what we have done. We wanted to tell a story that has happened in a not so distant past in Vietnam and is still happening now in so many countries. Time will settle the dust and perhaps - hopefully allow those people to see more clearly. Hopefully...

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