Sunday, 17 December 2017

Eqrly morning: private test screening of the finished version The Third Wife at the mythical Parisian movie theatre Le Grand Action. I spent so much time there during my teenage and university years watching classics and attending retrospectives. 

It was a great moment to be there with the team and see the film in a real theatre. Even though I must have seen it hundreds of time already, I was taken far, far away... so happy!
Unfortunately and to his greatest dismay, my father didn't manage to come. I was ready to go and looking forward to the event. We had ordered a taxi... But the time came, my mother dragged and refused to leave the house. 
"What for? What film? What son?" she exclaimed.
My father called me on the phone right before the screening. His tone was desperate and exasperated. "I can't stand it anymore..." I let him talk to Ash. 
"There will be other opportunities. You will see the film" She reassured him. 
I was indeed very saddened my parents weren't there, especially my father, as my mother would have forgotten anything just a couple of hours afterwards. 
"It will be a great success! I'm sure of that! The film deserves it!!!" Isabelle was enchanted. She was sitting next to me. There wasn't much left of her singing in the music, but I wanted her to come anyway. Thomas was there as well. The first person who from outside who saw the film! The fact that he likes it means a lot to me, as I do trust his judgment. 

What will happen to the film? That we shall find out next year... Now we have to correct a few details, and it will be done... for good!

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