Monday 11 April 2016

So we met again in Tokyo after three years. Jo and Sawako were taking part in a conference about Miyake at the National Museum. But of course it was unthinkable that we did NOT see each other.

I have no idea when we will work together again. Jo explained that the dynamic in the company changed dramatically after the original dance partners left NOISM. "Now they're all young. Great dancers, but nothing in their mind. So the creative process is very different."
Yes the time when we created NINA or PLAY 2 PLAY were magical times. I wonder if as we age, it is possible to retain that momentum. Creativity and inspiration, yes, of course. But I have to agree the original members of NOISM were great and inspiring people, beside being extraordinary dancers. I can still recall the shock and dep elation when I first saw them perform in Paris. I was sitting on the first row, and the choreography had Jo come to the fore and he was dancing in front of us. A dialogue. Or love at first sight... All that happened afterwards could be the stuff of a novel. Still, here we were now. Looking back with longing. 
We have to make it happen again... 

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