Tuesday 1 September 2015

Lady be good

First piece of news as I stepped out of the plane from Paris: I would no longer have to go to Shanghai in two days, as the whole DunHuang Project has been terminated by Ms Tang’s husband because the music I wrote did meet their expectation, nor did, in that case, the songs that Mr. Wang sent them. I was too tired to be angry. I was just relief. Delivered from another hopeless case with a talentless rich and deluded lady. But I was not surprised. Simple deduction: Ms. Tang freaked out as the deadline was approaching. It had been convenient to state that the music was too difficult, too arty, not commercial enough… but the real reason was that she could not sing and was not to face the fact. Certainly out of a flash of common sense, her husband decided to cancel the project. I will take the time to really rest. Yay!

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