Friday 30 November 2012

Bác Kỹ

"I'm about to tell you some very bad news... Uncle Kỷ has passed away.
Yesterday, on Thursday, the cleaning lady came in the morning as usual. She knocked on the door, but since Uncle Kỷ didn't answer, she had the inkling something was terribly wrong so she called the firemen. 
They arrived soon after and broke the window of the bathroom in order to get in. They found Uncle Kỷ lifeless in his room, on the groundfloor.
The police came. 
At 12:30, Mrs Continent, the neighbour informed me about his passing. The police ordered me to come as quickly as possible.
I reached the house at 1:40. The policeman said that since it was a natural death, it wasn't their duty have to handle the matter, so I had to find a doctor to pronounce him dead and call the funeral service in order to bring the body to the funeral home.

With the help of Mrs. Continent, we called many doctors of the district, but all of them declined to come.

I eventually managed to reach Dr. Dê, who is his personal doctor. He told me to call the city hall.

We finally got an appointment after 8pm. The wait was excrutiatingly long.

At 10pm, the doctor came to pronounce Uncle Kỷ dead.

At 11:30, the funeral service took the body to the funeral home in Bry.

When did Uncle Kỷ pass away????"

Chị Nga

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