Friday 17 August 2012

Mother mother mother (what's going on?)

I didn't dare to call my father. But the question itched me: did my mother take the plan and fly to Los Angeles? My brother was supposed to accompany her so to make the journey less difficult. My father was to come a few weeks later, spend a some time to visit his relatives and fly back with her early September.
On my last conversation with my mother a couple of days before departure day, she was feeling nauseous (for no apparent reason, she said) and was wondering whether she really wanted to go. My father was on the brink of desperation. But I told him: with her now, if you plan anything, don't give her time to think too much about it. So let it happen. Surprise her. In the momentum of the moment, she will go, but she will perhaps need a little boost from people around. A boost from my brother, our cousin Micky who often comes to visit... 

"First thing I'm asking: has she gone?" 
"Yes! I called her this morning, she's sound and safe in Los Angeles!"
I was relieved and overjoyed. She made it! It was a miracle. My father sounded even more relieved than I was. These few weeks will be a welcome holiday for him. Taking care of my mother isn't an easy task. She forgets more and more, although it's still not too serious. 
I hope...

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