Friday 1 June 2012

Berliner Symphoniker

Maybe it will come out more easily if I say in the most matter of fact way:
I have been asked to write a 25 minute orchestral piece for the Berlin Symphony. The premiere will take place next year in February. 

The news came from Tuân Le. He's the one who suggested me to the orchestra. They were looking for a Vietnamese composer. 
"How are you going to do that? You never wrote for orchestra!" my father exclaimed when I told him. 
"If I only knew.... I will do as I have done until before each new project. I will go with the flow and listen to my intuition".
My father couldn't help feeling worried.
"Listen, I had never written for contemporary dance before Régine Chopinot asked me to write that full scale piece. Same when I wrote for Jo Kanamori. I had no idea how I would manage. But I did! That's how I go in life."
That had been my weakness and my strength.
My father was the one who said that by being a self-educated composer, I don't have the frames and limits of one who graduated from any music conservatory. That allows me boundless possibilities.

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