Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Just got back home from Bévinda’s place. She has kindly offered to coach me and give me stage direction for the concert. The session was very fruitful and helped me shape and visualize the concert. It’s easier now to know what direction to follow and how to prepare for the concert. I sang her all the songs and we set the song list together:

Don’t be Koi
Bear Me Safely Over
Who We Be
Being Human (A minor inconvenience)

Ja Fui (with Bévinda)
Chrysanthemum Flower Bed (菊花台)
I aim
Battle of Wits

Second breath
Bitter (with Jan Dark)
Nothing comes to Light
Son Shine
Running Wild

Sangatsu Kokonoka

We hesitated for the opening number. I thought Pandemonium would be a nice one, but Bévinda felt it was too dark and too serious. She was right. Beside, the whole cello section at the end of the song, though beautiful, was much too long and out of place. Pop!, on the other hand was the opposite extreme, too fun and and light. Bévinda picked Don’t be Koi immediately as soon as she heard the first notes. It’s playful, seductive and sexy. I’ll start the concert alone at the piano – our first idea was to start the concert, not playing the piano… The introduction will be very dramatic, almost like a concerto, until the musicians jump into the song without any warning. I’ll sing the first verse at the piano then will stand up and walk to the front of the stage. Well I shall not write down all the details for they’re subjects to change. 

Bear Me Safely Over 

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