Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lettre from Satoshi

Hi An.

I had wanted to talk to you .
But I can't speak English well. I'm sorry I couldn't say it to you straight .
I was thinking about our relationship for a long time after you went back to Taipei this summer .
I regret that we had sex so easily during this summer .

You are the composer, I'm a dancer. We met through work.
I liked your music before I met you .
I was interested in you when I met you .
But I shouldn't have had sex so easily.  We didn't know each other well.

I like you very much, but as a friend .
I really want to be a good friend to you .

But I know you don't feel like that.
I depended on you. You treated me special .
But it's heavy for me.

I'm so sorry I hurt you .
I'm really sorry .

P.S. I'm sorry if you sent me mail while I was in Paris. My phone died until now.


Satoshi .

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