Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Avant de quitter ces lieux

I was walking on the street, passed an open air market near my flat. I saw the people going and doing their daily things. The sun was shining, it was early morning; there was a sense of serenity and quietness. And suddenly, what I feared began to happen: a sentimental song was playing on my i-Pod and tears started running down my cheek. In a few days all of this will be no more. I was wearing my sunglasses, so no one could see. The thought made me laugh.
Well, I can get overtly sentimental, even though I like to play it cool and distant. 
The big day is in six days. It all seems so unreal to me now. I know that once I’m in Niigata working with Jo and watching the dancers rehearse, this Parisian life will be drowned in a hazy blur.
The past weeks have been sleepless ones. I would fall asleep quite easily, but if my body was ready to get some rest, my mind would fail to calm down and seize me off my sleep to keep me in a state of tired restlessness. Four hours a night is what I can get. Summer is here, the streets are noisy and I don’t get much rest. My time in Niigata will be quieter.
The movers are coming on Saturday and will take all my belongings. I won’t have to lift a finger. The flat will be sublet to Nicolas and Vanessa will take the big furniture for her new home. Everything is settled and in order. So why should I stress up? 

The Canal St Martin, where I live

Night time in Montmartre

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