Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Strike a pose

Time is running out. I did a photo shoot with Mathieu today to have new material for the cover. I want a portrait to be the base on which the graphic designer would print an imaginary world. Now that nearly everyone goes for drawings for their CD artwork, I would like to approach it differently.
I haven’t stood in front of a camera for some time now. I was all stiffness and woodenness at the start. The same bloody no-expression expression I have. I didn’t know what else to do. Smile? No. Act? There was no scenario, no setting but the white background and a lamps beaming their warmth on my face. 
I felt like a one trick pony. The first two pictures were good but the following forty pictures were of this Asian man with hidden expressions - and how much make up did I apply to hide signs of tiredness and sleepless nights…
The result was satisfactory in spite of the inglorious start. Mathieu was not very convinced. It would help to have some props and different costumes so I can be ‘in character’. Change your heart, change your mind. It’s time to get out of my little world.

Photos by Mathieu Thoisy

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