Monday, 20 July 2009

Alo (1)

Alo suggested we saw Soderbergh’s new film Girlfriend Experience. I have never seen anything from this director, not even Sex, Lies & Videotape. It was also an experience to watch it. Alo and I left the theatre with mixed feelings. I can’t say I didn’t like it. Talking about the film is pointless. I had the feeling I had read Vanity Fair. All gloss but empty. The film was a fragmented portrait of a high class young New York hooker in search of herself, or a meaning - or love. But in the end, it was desperate and cold, as if all the characters were denied any humanity. Maybe what the director wanted.
"I liked the poster" Alo said. "That’s what gave me the idea of seeing this film…" Yes, the poster is indeed well designed. At least this film gave me a hint of the musical direction I am to follow for Alo’s video project.
I have a peculiar relationship with Alo. We seem to be very close in a cerebral way. As he told me once after we saw Millenium, he’s not used to express or say much when it comes to his feelings. Apparently, it’s quite common in Estonia. I find it to be a very Japanese trait as well. To me it’s like catching butterflies. 
He gave me a bar of chocolate as a little gift to soothe my loneliness after my breakup with Andy. 

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