Wednesday 10 December 2008


Toronto now. Lara lives in a former working class area turned hip. Like in all of the big cities, these areas were looked down until artists, musicians and fashion designers would start to flock there because the affordable living inexpensive housing. Galleries, designer’s shops, trendy cafés and restaurants would open every week. A Golden Age would then begin for five or six years until the interest of the mainstream invasion takes place, unavoidably boosts up prices and ironically compel these artists to leave for another part of town - a cheaper part of town.

My first good film in months: Milk. A wonderful performance by Sean Penn. He is the best American actor.

Whilst waiting for the laundry to be done, I wandered in Lara’s neighbourhood and discovered many interesting galleries. One was displaying picture by former 60’s model Pattie Boyd. Photographs of her then spouse George Harrisson, Eric Clapton and other fellow musicians from that era. The best shots though came from her travels in Asia.
I was glancing through the window pane and about to leave when the owner of the gallery, a friendly man in his forties, who looked like he had just been sent back from Woodstock called me and invited me to have a closer look inside. 
Since the photographs were of musicians, the conversation was about music. And when he learned I was one myself, he promptly offered his help.
‘As a point of fact, I’m looking for a lyricist’ I told him.
In no time, he came up with names, took my phone number and e-mail address and promised to get back to me.
Even if nothing happens, I was delighted by his kind and convivial attitude.

I'm so happy to stay with Lara. I couldn't possibly not visit her, when I was so near by. I had missed her presence immensely since she was more or less compelled to leave France and return to Toronto.
A difficult decision. We even thought of getting married so to get her the papers. But y intuition told me that she had to face that side of her life: family, a decidedly overwhelming mother, her career. France didn't bring her what she had hoped for, even if she loved the life there.
Now it seems her life has started to take off. She's working again in theatre,she's writing again, some interesting offers are coming to her, and most importantly, she has faced her parents and settled for what she is. 
And - something not totally negligeable, she has found love...

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