Thursday, 24 April 2008

Taipei - First days

I dreamed that I could  think in Mandarin. But I couldn’t understand what I was thinking.

Two days in Taipei now, and more than one week of Mandarin lessons. The language is starting to grow in me. I am, you are, it is, I would like, I eat, I live, I do, I go… Where, when, really? Dog, cat, cow, duck, beef, street, France, Vietnam, Germany, China, Taipei…

We’ve had lengthy discussions about Auntie, the musical. The book isn’t what I’d call completed. The playwright is very talented but finds it hard to go beyond the boundary of the characters being the reflection of himself and his life. The creative process is certainly very interesting, but I can’t help but wonder how we will managed to complete the task of having a premiere in July, with a play fully rehearsed and the music recorded and available on CD…
I find consolation in the thought that Debussy would still make last-minute corrections on La Mer before the concert, or that geniuses like Shakespeare and Molière usually wouldn’t have completed the whole play the day before the premiere. We may consider their work as immeasurable masterpieces now, but I’m quite certain  there were lots of improvisations going on from the actors and that the plays may have found their final state much later. 
Well, wishful thinking, I suppose!

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