Monday, 24 December 2007

Long time no see

Christmas Eve in Saigon.
I have never seen so many people on the street. The jolly celebration is just an excuse to gather on the streets, see the decorations, have a drink and meet friends.

I was yesterday at the Hanoi airport without any idea where I would end in Saigon. A friend of mine had offered to host me but it had been difficult to be in touch. I had a piece of paper with some numbers scribbled on it. I knew of a place where I could fid cheap hotels. I finally got hold of the number of cousin I had not seen for many, many years. She had since married, given birth to three children.
When she heard me on the phone, talking as naturally as if I last spoke to her only a few days before, she could only gasp. With some people, there is no explanation needed. The connection is there, no matter how long between the time we meet. A few hours later, I was having a ride on the back of her motorbike, then found myself in the middle of her wedding anniversary!

Santa outfit drying up on the balcony

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