Saturday, 8 September 2007

Stand up

It’s time now that we give music its rightful place again. That art becomes art again and not a product that one can consume and throw like a bottle of water or a disposable item.
I will do my best to make this voice be heard. I’m tired of seeing music being sold for money. What effect does it really have on people? I doubt the effect comes from the music itself. To me it has more to do with collective brainwashing through advertisement and cynical producers compelling the listeners to find their place in society with the music they listen to. "Tell me what you’re listening to, I’ll tell you who you are."
I do not say that people are unable to truly appreciate music. The free download is a sign that it is not so. People are tired to be told what to buy, what to like and what to celebrate. People go more and more often to the concerts. Music is more alive than ever. But if the stock market could leave it be and give it more space to take its shape instead of trying to milk it till the last drop in the old fashioned way.

My coming trip to Asia will be an interesting one. I have to stay connected to who I really am in order to build a good future. There’s no escaping any more. I know I’ll have to play an important role. What role that will be, I know not. What matters to me now is to let my really self expand more and more and not live according to ideas and rules.
Signore, ascolta!

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