Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I’m standing on the crossroad of many other crossroads. Why can’t we help thinking about the future, how it’s going to be, what it is going to be made of…? To know won’t change anything if the confidence in life isn’t there. I feel great things are coming my way, but my own confidence falters and it’s still a big question mark that I see in front of me.
I think of the lives of all these great composers or artists in the past. The components of my own life are no different; it’s the life of Molière nevertheless, set in the 21st century. I don’t think artists really get that much freedom of expression, even if they are more recognized, somehow.
The feudal system is as active as ever. I still have to run from one court to another. And when I don’t find anything, I have to stop and consider more modest offers, like this one from Maëlle, one of the girls who danced in Gang Peng’s Sur le Fil. We had a few talks during the rehearsals and she mentioned she would love it if I could write something for an upcoming project. I blurred the matter with one of those ready-made phrases, "Time will tell". She was charming, but I wasn’t particularly excited. Ironically now, her time has come. Her new project seems nice, though not artistically arousing for me. My first impulse was to toss it aside and send a polite refusal. But then... I know big and ambitious projects do not come up my way every day. This one will be an interesting exercice de style for me as I will have to write a piece according to Maëlle’s range. I already know what she will need. Hers will be a piece about the condition of women. <gasp>
I think I will use some elements of the music I did for the sound installation of Play 2 Play. It won’t be used anymore and it’d be a shame to let it vanish into oblivion.

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