Thursday 15 March 2007

PLAY 2 PLAY: first day of work

I bought this new laptop to work here in Niigata. I would have brought my good old and faithful HP pal who had been my faithful companion of creation in Vienna, London, Tokyo, Niigata… He helped me conceive Nina’s Hidden Glass, Mm, NINA Materialize Sacrifice and the the songs from my album Circlesong
How sentimental I can be. But the old laptop had a major computer break up last year on that fateful day, when a friend from Zürich, a specialist in IT, suggested to control my it from Zürich to help me fix some problem… The unexpected solution was death. Nothing worked after that.  

So I spent hours re-installing all the programs and transferring my data. Now I’m operational!


There will be a prelude and a few transitions to write for PLAY 2 PLAY. The prelude will actually be the first part of the cello movement. Jo had tried a few ideas on it, and it suddenly struck him that he found the thread for everything.
Remarkable how this addition of the prelude changes my whole conception of the music. It gives it a totally new light.
Now I feel like writing an additional movement, although I don’t know quite where to place. Jo would also want to try to have one of the dancers speak during the show. I’m always doubtful when words have to be used because I want to walk away from it. But I’ll attempt to incorporate it as a ‘musical’ element. 

I was so knackered because of the jetlag, I was fighting hard to keep myself awake during the rehearsal. Jo took pity of me and kindly told me to go back to the hotel to sleep. I would be needed in good shape the following day!

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