Thursday 22 February 2007

Working on the music - PLAY 2 PLAY

A violent battle has started between my mind which wants to emulate music that has inspired me (my father’s music, to my very surprise), and I, trying to keep the focus on my own path. This fourth movement I’m writing for PLAY 2 PLAY has been taking days and days to take shape. On the other hand, I couldn’t expect to pen a new movement every day. I had this idea of triangular dialogue rotating in space. However the course from mental visualization to musical materialization is filled with revelations and new developments.
Now it’s finished. I had one session with Isabelle and recorded some primary vocals that I later edited. I recorded my own vocals to form the choir parts.
I must have done too much recording because the adaptor of my external sound card caught fire… I was aware of some strange smell of plastic burning but I couldn’t spot where it was coming from…
Fortunately, it caught fire when I finished working on the movement. Like a firework celebrating the final touch.

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