Wednesday 10 January 2007

Sous la Pluie

Photoshoot today. In spite of a start on the wrong track, in spite of the rain and cold, in spite of the costumes which were more sized for a Lilliputian than for my body, in spite of everybody being delayed for some reasons, we managed to make do with what we had, improvise and create a beautiful atmosphere that turned the photos into stills from an imaginary film. Wong Kar Wai in Paris.
We went to the Bibliothèque François Mitterand area. I love the movie theatre there, MK2 Bibliothèque.  They designed a spacious building that allows light to come in through big window panes and produce a peaceful and restful feeling.
The night shots were particularly striking, with the street lamps and lamp posts reflecting colours on the wet pavement.
We also played cat and mouse with the security guard and tried to use the architectural landscape of the library as a backdrop to our photos, but were finally caught be the cameras and kindly asked to stop our illegal activity.

Amaury was very proud of the result. Xiao Chu should be acting instead of dancing. Each shot is filled with life and intensity. It’s such a pleasure to work with her. 


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