Sunday 30 January 2005

Down and down in the mess

At last a whole day with nothing to do. Salomé is now taking most of my time. Quite expectable, a week before the premiere, but less enjoyable when new things come up every day, so it’s impossible to plan anything. I thought bringing Cyril in the project would make the task easier for me, since I cannot really claim to be a sound engineer. Most of the technical aspect I do not master at all. My experience has been rather empirical, so I didn’t want to find myself in the situation where I’m in charge of something I don’t really master. However, I came to realize that I’ve learned more than I would admit. Cyril is currently going through a down-in-the-endless-well phase, a breaking up in his relationship, not knowing where to go, not able to take any decision. True, the organization of Salomé is a big mess, some of the actors remind me of the Lina Lamont character from Singin’ in the Rain. They waste everybody’s time and energy, not remembering what to do, not listening, and trying too hard to show off their acting skills, and not unexpectedly, those are the supporting actors. Authentic cases of the 'ignored genius', if you ask me.
But we have to overcome all those distractions and focus on the play. Cyril wants to leave the boat before it sinks even deeper. That self pitying, whiny and negative approach only arouses my anger, not my sympathy. But since he’s unable to take any decision, and waits for some miracle to happen, I finally understood I had to go the whole way, and also prove to myself I’m more capable than I think. I also have to concede that, like Cyril, I was none too happy to be part of an obviously lousy project. So maybe having him by my side was a way to feel comfort.
Maria Cristina’s ideas are fab, I want to develop other projects with her, even restage Salomé in Great Britain. But the acting is quite disastrous, not so much because the actors are bad, more because they are miscast. One would think he’s in play by Feydeau, another other recites his lines like Gérard Philipe, and a third fellow would play his role like in a Greek tragedy. 

A whole day with nothing to do. I was to see a play with Julia, but I cancelled that. Julia behaved like a grande dame and a great friend, and showed me understanding and support. Such a joy and comfort to know some of your friends will not be upset and hold it against you if you change your mind at the very last minute.

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