Saturday, 31 March 2007

PLAY 2 PLAY: first run through - emotional

We had our first complete run through of PLAY 2 PLAY this afternoon. Mihara-san was there with his staff to show the nine-bodies-in-one costume. He said my music inspired him Yves Klein's blue colour! I had some recollection of the real shade of the Yves Klein blue and was a bit worried about what he would present us. But when we saw the piece he designed, all our doubts fell flat on the ground.
Then came the run through.
I hadn’t seen what Jo had done for the finale. He asked me if I was okay to have spoken words on the cello movement. I really have a problem with having spoken words with music. Words call for your mind to work, when I try to get beyond that and let the audience use their senses and imagination.
So I wasn’t very convinced at all and that bugged me.
The dancers got prepared for the run through. Seventy minutes of non-stop dance.
At the end, I had tears in my eyes. I just couldn’t help it. I was so moved. It was too overwhelmingly beautiful. The finale was fantastic. How much Jo did put of himself in this work!
A few dancers were sobbing as well. The rehearsal studio was charged with intensity. No one knew what to say. I was crying silently, trying at first to look fine, but then quite unable to hold back the tears. It felt so good.
Mihara-san was impressed. Jo was concerned that he didn’t feel any involvement from him. But the manager and her assistant who came to help Mihara now realized that PLAY 2 PLAY wasn’t just any project.
I guess this finale with Isabelle’s voice did cast some kind of spell over people. I hope the audience feel the same. How I wish she were there!
The young stagiaires who had watched play for the first time without practicing on the side, were particularly touched and brought even more enthusiasm and heart afterwards.

A very good day indeed. We celebrated that at Nelson, of course. Any excuse was good enough to go there anyway…

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