Tuesday 20 March 2007

Triangular Response II

Tsuyoshi panels have arrived today, without the mirrors though. They’re so huge and weigh up to 100 kg each! How the dancers will be moving them with accuracy in spite of the casters is another story. They still have a whole month of rehearsal.
Jo worked again on the Choral "Triangular Response" movement and what he did last time was erased from everybody’s memory. Mihara’s costume also arrived today, but they proved a bit superfluous since the strength of that nine-bodied creature comes from the fact that we do not see the costume. We will see how things evolve. For now, Jo has tried another direction: in circle formed by the panels is a human mountain on top of which each dancer tries to climb away. The combination of the choral music and Isabelle’s voice gives the whole tableau a mystical strength that will place it as the core of the whole ballet. The scene is not yet finished, and Jo has still to figure out what to do with Mihara’s creation.

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