Friday, 23 March 2007

Sound installation

As if it wasn’t enough, new, bright ideas sprang out of my mind yesterday evening, when Jo, Sawako and I had our dinner ritual after work, this time at Nelson again.
I was toying with this idea of creating more music and make a sound installation in the theatre. As soon as the audience would step through the sliding doors they would already be caught in the world of PLAY 2 PLAY. I will create a multi-tracked piece in which each section would be played in a different area of the venue. Jo didn’t really know what to do with this new dancer Yuta. He’s got some acting training so the initiative to use a speaking voice originated there. But I was less than convinced when I heard him speak during the movements, even if his interventions were very brief. Jo wants the text to be a dry description of the dancers’ movements.
After a long time of brainstorming, I came up with this proposition to use his voice for the installation. Jo immediately loved the idea. The voices will be mixed with musical elements of the ballet. In the theatre room, music will be played as the audience take their seats as the music flows and blends into the beginning of the piece. I had dreamed about doing this kind of installation for my concerts, but we had no time nor means. Here the enthusiastic support I feel from Jo gives me wings to achieve one more millions things.
If we have enough time, I will also do some short video clips of the dancers in motion that will projected intermittently on the floor as well as on the company board screen, like apparitions of what is to come.

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