Saturday, 17 March 2007

At work

Big snow storms outside. They don’t last long but offer an impressive spectacle on each outburst.
I prefer to work in the big round patio outside of the rehearsing studio. They have put tables and boards for the company. We eat, chat and relax there. A beautiful view on the river, the sky, sight of distant mountains, I prefer this environment than the airlessness of the sound studio.

I have asked for some percussions and big drums in order to complete my music. I got a big bass drum, a set of snares, cymbals, woodblocks, and they found no other place to store them than the sound studio, so I have to tip-toe my way through them.

We have been working intensively this week. Now as I write, my mind is stuffed and I can’t do more.  Jo has asked for lots of readjustments and it was a mind blowing experience to include them in the music as if I had intended them myself. Trying to fit two minutes of additional music eventually takes more time than composing a whole movement as I have to go back to the roots and find the right path to blend the new elements.
The result is somehow more rounded. Not as cutting as I would have originally wished, amazing how a few notes can throw a new light to a whole hour long piece. But it certainly eased the way for Jo to find a thread. Poor dancers, they are sweating throughout the whole piece. Jo is taking them even further physically. I’m totally in awe of their endurance and ability. I could watch them at work for hours without getting bored. I feel as heavy and graceful as a rice bag afterward!

Five o’clock in the morning. I always wake up around that time before slumbering into sleep again before breakfast. It’s been snowing the whole night. To think it’s Spring in four days…
My head was filled with the cello sound I’ve been hearing all day yesterday.
I would have loved to do a second recording of it, because I see lots of little flaws that I can’t possibly leave on the final print. I may find a way to arrange these details.

Christophe and Isabelle have indeed been great: to come and record almost immediately after trying their part a couple of time requires lots of self confidence.
However, the flaws are counterbalanced by the emotional strength they bring to the music. It was a pleasure to work with them and feel their willingness and enthusiasm to work with me.

Christophe and his cello

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