Monday 19 March 2007

"Handsome Face" Tofu

First day off. It’s freezing outside. I walked to the theatre where I left my bike. And caught the sight of budding sakura on the way. So beautiful.
Weather report is announcing a very winterish week, complete with snow and storm. Hooray!

I’m learning a bit of Japanese everyday and try to find situations where I can use certain words. I’m so happy to remember the words, but less thrilled when the answers come back in Japanese and I realize I have to use my intuition to understand!
So today was: ‘Can I get some oil for my bike please?’

I had dinner at Jo and Sawako’s. She had bought this new brand of tofu with ‘handsome faces’ representing the twelve zodiacal signs gracing each box. Among the three she got was a Cancer tofu.
Amazing all the ideas they come upt with just to sell tofu…

'Cancer' Handsome face tofu

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