Wednesday, 11 September 2013


A voice messsage from Damien, calling from Paris. I couldn't hear very well, but I understood it was about concerts. I wrote back to him saying that we could discuss the matter when I'm in Paris then went to sleep. It was nearly 2 AM.
The answer came back quickly: No! we had to discuss about it now, Damien wrote. Because the schedule was being done right now. I was given a set of concert dates. Which one could I do? 
11/29-30 and 12/13-14 were possible for me. One concert in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong the next day. Shanghai!!!!???? I had never been there. I couldn't believe what Damien was saying! 
"The concerts will be paid US 1500$ each , excluding flight and accomodation, and will take place at the Kee Club in both cities."
In my mind, ideas and music were whirling in fast motion. Set list, songs, arrangements, musicians, rehearsals... When, how, who, what???
But I accepted. I'll never know what will happen until I allow it to happen. Therefore, I must take the dive!
I immediately thought of Emily as a musical partner on stage. She's talented, she's fast, she looks good and I love the cello! 
"Oh.... will there be any piano there?" I asked
"You want a white one with candles?"
Perfect I thought. Another big adventure. 
Yes, Emily at the cello, tapes and me at the piano. The how will be handled later. 
And a few days ago, my friend Matthew, after watching the music video of To the Sun, was telling how he wished he could see me perform on stage. I remembered how, at the start of the year, I had promised myself to be be giving concerts again. I had no clue how. Once again the universe has heard me!
That said, nothing's settled yet... Wait and see!

In concert at the Café de la Danse, 2006, Paris. 

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