Sunday, 15 September 2013


And it happened. I saw William again after a one month hiatus. There wasn't much time left. I had spent the day running accross the city to buy all the presents for my family and some friends. 
"Do you want to go to the hotspring?" he asked. 
I immediately accepted. It was getting a bit late but taking a dip in the hot pool would be a perfect way to end the day.
I only wish I don't start a pattern of break ups and mendings. As we were in the car, I told William that if I didn't expect him to leave his boyfriend, I would not keep on being his closet secret. It was important that he told him about our relationship. 
"Just take the time to think about it". 
William said that he would. I can only hope that he does. 
Not so deep inside, I felt so glad and peaceful to see him again.
"I just cannot go on being away from you..." 
I couldn't believe I was saying something so tacky. William, as usual, didn't say much, but I knew from the way he looked at me that he was happy that we met again.
So what's next? 

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