Thursday, 12 September 2013

Strike a pose

Little by little, I manage to get all my work done before my departure for Paris next Monday. Today was the photo shoot with Raymond Huang for his book about musicians. I booked the entire afternoon for it. Raymond was to come to my place and take the picture here, instead of me coming to his studio. He brought all his equipment and came with his young assistant. I find it difficult to trust a photographer. Maybe out of vanity, I like to retain a certain control over my  image. I know my angles, I know what kind of light works best on me... That's why I hate snapshots or pictures taken randomly. even when more often than not, I'm surprised (and relieved) to see that those quickie pictures come out well. As a result, I have developed my skill at self-portraiture. 
I knew I could trust Raymond. He had a few ideas in mind already, but remained open to suggestion. We did a series by the piano, one of me lying on the floor, another one against the CD shelves and a final one in my room. 
Raymond has that gift to make his subject feel comfortable and confident. I don't think I ventured very fast from what I usually do for my own pictures, but it was a good change to have a real photographer behind the lens instead of using the timer!

The book shall be published in December and will be launched with an exhibition. 

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