Wednesday, 28 August 2013

'To the Sun' comes to light.

What goes around comes around. In some way or another. In some shape or another. As a young teenager, I had this dream to become a film director. Little did I really know of the struggle and hardship all the directors I admired had to go through. I was clueless, a head full of illusions and eyes filled with blinking stars - or billboards.  
Now that I have started directing my first music videos, I am tentatively reconnecting with the original passion. Naturally, music retains a fundamental part in the process. It will always stay with me. But to begin with music videos is a logical step. Thanks in great part to Zed, who shows so much support and enthusiasm for our work together, I have made the step and find more confidence to go on.
Filming To the Sun was like playing a game. The more I would discover and learn on my path, the more I would want to know and explore further. It was quite different from Nothing comes to Light, which was conceived as an extension of my black and white photographies. To the Sun has a narrative, was filmed in colour, involved more people in the cast and was shot in various places in Paris and Taipei. And I also had to act and emote in the scenes.
The editing went smoothly and very efficiently: in two sessions and it was done! I had run a storyboard in my mind countless times so I had a pretty clear image of how the narrative had to unfold. For the parts which were more uncertain, Zed suggested ideas from which I could bounce. We really made a good working team. The spirit was light and playful. I like that kind of atmosphere in my work.
It took me a year and a half before I could bring To the Sun to life. As soon as the second time we met, I had already told Zed about this story of a brother and a sister living apart in Paris and Taipei, hoping to reunite again one day in Paris...
Now we're ready for the next music video!
November: Who we be! New project, new challenge, for this video will be involving dance!
I'm really happy to see that ideas which have been growing in my head are materialising.

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