Saturday 31 August 2013

The dating game

One important rule to observe on the dating game: if the person asks you out and takes you to go to a trendy crowded bar or club, just decline. I made the mistake to accept. Place: Abrazo, a new bar that opened a couple of months ago in the East side of the city. Subject: a handsome bloke I met at the gym. two or three weeks ago. A little bird told me that there was 'player' written all over his face. A player can be a nice person, but is nevertheless a playa.
My intuition told me not to go, but I didn't listen to it and foolishly accepted. When I will learn?
As soon as we arrived, the door opened and a voice exclaimed  "Raaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!"
I knew the evening was over for me.
We got in. Smoke got in eyes within a second. The bar was crowded, as I expected it to be on a Friday raining night. Handsome guys and handsome girls. Two girls stopped me and asked:
"Do you like guys or do you like girls?" When I gave her my answer, she asked for a big hug and offered to introduce me to a hot friend of hers.
"That's too kind of you, but I already have company!" I replied with a smile. 
Even when people are with their friends, their eyes keep scanning the room. Soon Ray was approached by one of his friends who pushed someone toward him. Introductions were made and they started chatting. Ray tried to include me in, but obviously the guy had only eyes for him.
"Is he your boyfriend?" he asked.
"No. Just a good friend...."
I moved away to talk to a friend then decided to leave. 
Ray, as an 'ageing' but still handsomely attractive hunk needed the attention. And the cigarette smoke was stinging my eyes. 
When in a relationship, it is highly advised not to go out together to clubs or bars. We're only too human and temptation waits. But going to the a bar or club during the the dating time is a cruel mistake. I felt like I was given the trial test against the other guys. Best in that case is to just walk away.

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