Monday, 19 August 2013

Hong Kong Fu Fu

One look at my bank account and I chuckled like an old man hearing the same joke for the nth time. No trip to Bangkok. This time will be Hong Kong again. What a pity! I anticipated the thrills of wild nights in Bangkok. Why not have them in Hong Kong?
And the stupendous view on the sea from Nicolas B.' flat. I arrived just in time to contemplate the sunset. A spectacle I never get tired of.

I had my plate of duck, pork and chicken roast on the very first evening with Alvin. I realise that after months of healthy diet, my body cannot take that kind of food anymore.
We had a drink at he terrace of Quay West, a bar located right in front of the sea. It was evening time so we could only enjoy the marine atmosphere. A girl sat with us. A dark haired, blue-eyed Swedish model called Emma. She was soon joined by an elder lady named Kathleen. Both were eccentric and strong personalities. Emma wanted to have a trip to North Korea with her boyfriend. She had just done some charity works related to schools in Shanghai. Kathleen was an aggressive and outgoing New Yorker - and proud of it. Hours went by and we couldn't stop laughing and sharing our respective experiences. Emma stunned me by her perfect Cantonese.
"I'm useless!!!" exclaimed Kathleen. "Eigh years in Hong Kong, and see where I am with my Chinese!!!!"
I always enjoy such encounters, although I know they don't lead anywhere far after the parting farewell. However, Kathleen encouraged me to develop some projects with animation blending with performing arts.
"You should go to Cyberport. They have a department which was in charge all the martial art animation for Kung Fu Panda using real people. I think you could create something fabulous with dance, music and animation!!! I know the people..."
Damon Albarn had done it more or less successfully with his pop opera Monkey, but the idea had not been developed by other people, perhaps due to the amont of the financial investment time required. Kathleen's idea hit a chord in me and images started to unfold in my head. But now that I think of it, it would be perfect for the opera I've had in mind all these years...

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