Thursday, 29 August 2013


So elated and happy was I, that I must have watched the To the Sun music video at least a good twenty times in a row. Zed came back so we could make some tweak and trim the editing, but it seemed that what we did yesterday needed no retouching: the flow, the pacing, the rhythm were all perfect to me. 
Just some colour fine-tuning to do and the MV will be ready! I have to resist showing it to someone until it's finalised. 
Zed also was beaming when we watched the final version. He had some reservation about the difference of quality in the footages: the Paris scenes were shot with Ryan's camera and we forgot to set it to HD. The aspect ratio was also different. But after the editing was done, it actually gave more poignancy to the narration. The story is of a brother and a sister. One is living in Taipei and the other in Paris. They have promised each other they would meet again in Paris and the brother is working hard and saving for the trip. Both are seen doing similar actions, as if the distance could not cut their bond. 
With the Paris scenes looking like they were shot with a super8 camera, the impossiblity of their dream is even more poignant. 
The editing process was such an exciting game. I didn't do it in a linear way. We would jump from scene to another, according to the storyboard I had in my mind. The gaps were filled with the remaining footages. Zed was so surprised by the speed at which we moved. 
It's finally a good thing that I didn't manage to install the Premiere software on my computer so to start the editing earlier - I was being so impatient... We were meant to do it together! 
We'll have to wait until November to do the next one, but time will fly by, I know. I have already developed many ideas for the MV of Who We Be. The visual styling, some ideas of choreography, the outfit... 

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